VB Script Library within Integration Manager: Closing a Microsoft Dynamics GP Session

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The VB script library within Integration Manager contains the script pApplication = CreateObject("Dynamics.Application").quit under 'Closing Dynamics or eEnterprise Session' title. An 'Automation Error' is returned when this script is used during the integration process. As soon as the integration is finished, the script will try to close Microsoft Dynamics GP, and you will receive this error. Another problem with this script is the fact it uses Continuum for Visual Basic to perform the closure function. Tools Support does not support Continuum functions performed within VBScript or VBA applications. This does not mean you cannot try to use this script, however it does mean the Tools Support team will not support VB or VBA scripts using these functions.

The AutoDim program that is available from the Developer Support team provides this capability. With the AutoDim program, you can start Microsoft Dynamics GP and run one or more integrations or integration groups. After a successful Microsoft Dynamics GP integration, the AutoDim program exits both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Integration Manager. The AutoDim program also supports integrating into several different companies.

For more information about AutoDim, use one of the following options:

For more information about AutoDim, contact your partner of record. If you do not have a partner of record, visit the following web site to identify a partner: Microsoft Pinpoint

For more information about AutoDim, visit the following web site:


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