Your Class Notebooks and all the pages and sections inside them are saved as folders in OneDrive. When you select one of your notebooks in OneDrive, your Class Notebook will automatically open in OneNote. However, it's possible to view the folder structure of your Class Notebook in OneDrive by following the steps below.

Your folder structure will look similar to the image below with a Collaboration Space, Content Library, and private sub-folders associated with your students. Open a file or folder to see the notebook pages inside it. Your Open Notebook.onetoc2 file represents your table of contents.

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To view your Class Notebook folder structure in OneDrive, sign-in at

  1. Select OneDrive.

  2. Copy the URL in the address bar. It will look similar to this, but with your own name and account information:

    alternate text

  3. Paste the URL into a program such as Notepad. You’ll come back to it in a moment.

    alternate text

  4. Now, copy the URL below:

    ?id=/personal/ agnegust_bellowshigh_org2/Documents/Class Notebooks/Geometry 101

  5. Paste it directly to the end of the URL you already have in Notepad. Adjust the bolded sections so that they match your own personal information and the name of your Class Notebook. Your new URL will look something like this: agnegust_bellowshigh_org2/Documents/Class Notebooks/Geometry 101

    alternate text

  6. Copy and paste this URL into your browser to view your Class Notebook folders in OneDrive.

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