Why is my receipt showing as a negative amount in the Bank Deposit Entry window in Bank Reconciliation? 


This is by design when you void a cash receipt that has already been deposited.  The system is letting you know that you are off by this amount and must do something with it.   You cannot deposit and recooncile it, and also void it.  You must do one or the other, so the system is letting you know that there is a problem that you must account for. 


You must investigate if the receipt was deposited and is valid, or truly should be voided, because you can't do both. The system puts a negative cash receipt in the system to let you k now there is a problem that must be researched. 

  • If the receipt truly was deposited by the bank, then it should not have been voided.

  • If the cash receipt truly should be voided and wasn't actually deposited to the bank, then the deposit should be voided first (to resuce the checkbook balance).  This will mark the cash receipt as undeposited in which case you can then void it (to back out the GL).

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