You cannot archive emails in Outlook for Mac 2011


In Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011, you are not able to archive emails to a local archive file.


This behavior is by design. This feature is not available in Outlook for Mac 2011.


To work around this, you can create a rule to move items older than the number of days you specify to a local archive file. To do this, follow these steps.

Step 1: Create a local archive folder

  1. In Outlook, click Preferences, and then click General.

  2. Ensure that both Group similar folders, such as Inboxes, from different accounts and Hide On My Computer folders are disabled.

  3. Close the Preferences window.

  4. Right-click the ON MY COMPUTER section in your folder list, and select New Folder.

  5. Enter the name you prefer for your archive folder, such as Archive.

Step 2: Create a Rule

  1. On the Tools menu, click Rules....

  2. In the ON MY COMPUTER section, select Exchange.

  3. Click the + at the bottom of this window.

  4. Enter a name for the rule, such as Archive.

  5. In the When a new message arrives: section, choose Date Received and Is Greater than or Equal To.

  6. Enter the number of days that you prefer for your archive, such as 180 days for six months, or 365 days for one year.

  7. In the Do the following: section, select Move Message and the name of your archive folder. If you do not see your archive folder listed here, click Choose folder... and search for it, making sure that you select the folder that specifies "On My Computer."

  8. Remove any additional line items under Do the following by clicking the - to the right of it.

  9. Ensure that both Do not apply other rules to messages that meet these conditions and Enabled are selected, and then click OK.

Step 3: Run the rule

  1. Right-click the folder from which you want to archive items, select Apply Rule, then Apply, and then click the name of the rule you created.

  2. Repeat this step for every folder in your mailbox from which you want to archive items.

You will now be able to view your archived email in the "Archive" folder you created in your "On My Computer" folder. Please note that the folders in "On My Computer" are local folders only, and they are not synchronized to your mailbox. Make sure that you back up this data appropriately.

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