You receive the “A Get/Change First Operation on Table coProcess failed Accessing SQL Data” error message when you log into Microsoft Dynamics GP after moving from one server to another


When you log on to Microsoft Dynamics GP after you have migrated to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with a different server name you receive the following error message:

A Get/Change First Operation on Table coProcess failed Accessing SQL Data

Additionally, if you click the More Info button, you receive the following message:

[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server] The server principal “XXXX” is not able to access the database “XXXX” under the current security context Microsoft ODBC XXXX is not valid user.


The passwords for Microsoft Dynamics GP are encrypted based on the server name used in the ODBC connection. If the server name is different, the passwords will be encrypted differently. Because of this, if you move to a server with a different name you passwords will no longer be valid. This will cause these errors.


In order to resolve this error, you will need to change your user’s passwords. You may do this by manually changing the user’s passwords through method 1 or by allowing them to set up a new password upon login through method 2.

Method 1

  1. Log in to Microsoft Dynamics GP as sa user.

  2. On the Tools menu, click
    Setup, and then click User.

  3. Click the Lookup button next to User ID and select the appropriate user.

  4. In the password fields, enter a new password.

  5. Click Save.

Method 2

  1. Log into SQL Management Studio and expand the Security folder in ‘Object Explorer’

  2. Expand the Logins folder.

  3. Right click on the appropriate Login and go to ‘Properties’

  4. Remove the passwords from both password fields.

  5. Click OK.

    METHOD 3
    In SQL, click on DATABASES | COMPANY |SECURITY | USERS and right-click on the user and click DELETE.   Then one folder up in SQL, click on SECURITY | LOGINS |right-click on the user and selct PROPERTIES | USER MAPPING.  Give them access to the Company database and the DYNGRP role.  This will insert them back into the company users folder again with permissions so they can sign in successfully now.

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