Appendix E: Narrator sounds

To reduce how often you hear Narrator make common announcements, like when you've made a typo or turned off scan mode, some announcements can be replaced with only a sound. The table below lists the names of the sounds, a description of when you'd hear them, and an option to play the sound. When you select Play sound, a new tab will open, and the sound will play.

The common announcements that can be replaced with only sound are when something is autocorrected, when you land on a link, when scan mode is turned on or off, when there is a spelling error, and when suggestions are available. 

To replace those announcements with only the sounds, go to Narrator settings by pressing the Windows logo key + Ctrl + N, go to the section Change what you hear when reading and interacting, and select the checkbox next to Hear only sounds for common actions

Narrator sounds



Play sound

Caps lock on

When you press Shift while Caps lock is on

Play caps lock on sound 

Autocorrected (controlled by setting)

  • When a list is automatically created

  • When a misspelling is autocorrected

  • When capitalization is autocorrected

Play autocorrected sound

Confirmation of action (touch only)

  • When a control is collapsed, expanded, invoked, or toggled

  • When an element is selected

Play confirmation of action sound

Element (touch only)

  • When you do item navigation with touch

  • When you touch an element

Play element sound

Error message

When an error occurs

Play error message sound

Gesture 3 finger

When you 3-finger gesture

Play gesture 3 finger sound

Grammar error

When a grammar error is made

Play grammar error sound

Input method editor opens

When the input method editor menu opens

Play IME opens sound

Keyboard closed

When the software keyboard closes

Play keyboard closed sound

Keyboard opened

When the software keyboard opens

Play keyboard opened sound

Link (controlled by setting)

When you land on a link

Play link sound

Scan mode off (controlled by setting)

When scan mode turns off

Play scan mode off sound

Scan mode on (controlled by setting)

When scan mode turns on

Play scan mode on sound

Screen edge (touch only)

When you touch the edge of the screen

Play screen edge sound

Scroll command (touch only)

When you scroll with two fingers

Play scroll command sound

Spelling error (controlled by setting)

When a word is misspelled

Play spelling error sound

Suggestions available (controlled by setting)

When the suggestion box opens

Play suggestions available sound

Suggestions closed

When the suggestion box closes

Play suggestions closed sound

White space (touch only)

When you touch something that is not an element

Play white space sound

Zoom (touch only)

When you pinch and expand to zoom

Play zoom sound

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