Adjust the volume

Set the volume level that's just right for phone calls, music, and more.

For phone calls

To change how loudly your phone rings, press the Volume up or Volume down button on your phone, and keep pressing either one until you get the ringer volume you want. Sounds for notifications will play at this level, too.

Shows Ringer + Notifications box

At the movies or somewhere else where you don't want your phone to ring? Press the Volume up or Volume down button, then select Ringer in Ringer + Notifications. You'll see this icon at the top of your screen if Vibrate is turned on, or this one if it's turned off.

To change the volume during a call, press the Volume up or Volume down button.

For music and apps

When you're listening to music or when other audio is playing, press the Volume up or Volume down button on your phone. Keep pressing either button or drag the slider in Media + Apps to get your tunes playing at the level you like.

To mute music or other audio that's playing, press Volume up or Volume down, then select Speaker in Media + Apps.


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