Back, Start, and Search buttons

The Back , Start

Start symbol
, and Search buttons get you around on your Windows phone and do a whole lot more. On phones that don’t have hardware buttons for navigation, the navigation bar puts these buttons right on your screen.

Image of the navigation bar


Select the Back button to go back one screen from where you are. Your phone will take you back one page each time you press Back , until you get to the Start screen.

Press and hold the Back button to open the App switcher, and view all the apps you currently have open on your phone. Select any app to view it. You can leave more apps than ever open on your phone without affecting your battery life—navigating away will just pause the app where you left off.


Any time you select the Start

Start symbol
button, you go back to the Start screen, no matter where you are on your phone or what you're doing.

Press and hold the Start

Start symbol
button, and the screen will slide down so you can reach items at the top with one hand. To slide the screen back up, select the black space at the top of the screen.

GIF of one-handed use mode


If Cortana is available in your region, select the Search button to have her search for you. Press and hold the Search button to speak to Cortana.


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