Find friends

Applies to: Windows 10 Mobile

Most games are more fun when you have a buddy or two (or three) to play with. It’s easy to find someone specific on Xbox by searching for their gamertag. If you’re new to Xbox or just haven’t found your friends yet, we’ll match you with a few you might know or who share your interests.

Hey, come out and play!

If you know a friend’s gamertag, on Start , swipe over to the All apps list, select Xbox , and then select Friends & clubs at the top. Type your friend’s gamertag in the search box and select Search . Select Add friend to add them as a friend on Xbox.

Image for friends and clubs search in Xbox mobile app

You can't have too many friends

We’ll also offer a few friend suggestions under the search box. Suggestions can include people you might already know on Xbox, or fellow gamers who make popular clips or broadcasts about games you like. To add a suggested friend to your list, select their gamertag and then select Add friend.

Discover clubs and Looking for Group

Clubs are online meeting places for people to play and socialize. Join clubs that interest you or create a new club (your house, your rules).

Think of Looking for Group as a “players wanted” bulletin board—a way to help you find players on Xbox Live. You can browse posts or create your own—when you've got enough people, start a party and play!