Common Troubleshooting Steps for the Readiness App


This article answers some of the most common Readiness App troubleshooting concerns

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How do I get access to the Readiness App, or its website?

·         Simply download the application or log into the website.

·         For Windows 8.1, download the app from the Windows Store;

·         For Windows XP/Vista/7/8.0, you may log into

·         Sign in using your Microsoft Account or Windows Live ID.

·         Then, simply follow the instructions to have access to the app.

·         Also, you will need your Public Customer Number (PCN-*******) to request for an access.

·         Once the request access page has been completed, your partner admin can accept your request.

How come I can longer log into the Readiness App/website?

Just sign out from the app/website, and log back in using your original Windows Live ID.

How do I change a User role to and Admin role on the Readiness App?

To change or add partner admins in your organization, your current partner admin can complete this under the Admin section, and by changing the Access type from User to Admin.

Why can I not see all available content and/or Ops Academy certifications?

Simply update the Readiness app version. If you’re running the Windows 8.1 app, simply update it from the Windows Store; and if you’re using Windows XP/Vista/7/8.0, you may go to

Additional Support

To access tutorial videos under Getting Started simply go to Win 8.1 Readiness App and the Readiness website.

·          Windows 8.1 App Tutorial Videos                                        

·         Pin to start                                                             

·         What’s Popular

·         Partner Reporting

·         Favorites Tutorial 


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