New features in File Explorer help you organize better and find things faster, with quick access to your files from any PC or tablet.

Getting to OneDrive files

Getting to OneDrive files Sign in with your Microsoft account and you’ll be able to get to your OneDrive files from File Explorer. Changes you make will sync with the cloud, keeping your files up-to-date everywhere.

In most cases, we'll automatically sync all of your OneDrive files to File Explorer. Otherwise, we'll ask you what you want to sync.

Add files to OneDrive

Drag your files into the OneDrive folder in File Explorer.

Screenshot of File Explorer

Save files to OneDrive

Choose OneDrive as the save location when you save a file in Word, Excel, or another app. Screenshot of OneDrive

Choose what to sync

If you need to save some space, sync just a few OneDrive folders to your PC. You’ll still be able to get to the other folders at, but they won’t show up in File Explorer. To choose which folders to sync, go to the right side of the taskbar and press and hold (or right-click) the OneDrive icon OneDrive icon . Then, select Settings > Choose folders > Choose folders.

Screenshot of OneDrive sync options

Quick access to the files that matter most

The Quick access page is the shortest route to files you've been working on and folders you often use. Image of File Explorer

To make sure a folder shows up in Quick access, press and hold (or right-click) it, and then select Pin to Quick access. A pin icon shows you which folders you’ve pinned, so it’s easy to tell them apart from the rest.


  • Pinned folders replace favorites in the new File Explorer. If you chose to keep your files when upgrading, you'll find your old favorites pinned to Quick access.

Quick access settings

If you want to change what you see in Quick access, you’ve got some options. Go to View > Options to:
  • Set File Explorer to open to Quick access or This PC.
  • Remove recently used files.
  • Remove frequently used folders (except for the ones you've pinned).
Image of File Explorer options

Do not want a specific file or folder to show up in Quick access? Press and hold (or right-click) it, and then select Remove from Quick access .

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