How to Enroll Organization in MPN


This article provides clarification on how to create a Microsoft ID (formerly Live ID) and on how to enroll organization for MPN ID.

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In order to enroll organization for MPN ID, first you need to create a Microsoft account.

Follow below steps to create Microsoft account (formerly Live ID): 

-  Go to to sign up

-  Fill out the form

Tip: For User Name, the best option is to use your company e-mail address.

-  Click on Create Account

-  You will receive an email confirmation to the email you have created the Live ID account with.

Once you have created the Live ID account, you can enroll your organization for MPN ID. To do it follow below steps:

-  Go to

-  Log in using the Microsoft Account (Live ID)

-  Enter Contact information, Company information, Partner type, tick the boxes available at the bottom of the page before submitting the form and click on Submit.

-  There will be a new window displayed:

•       If you are enrolling your organization for the first time, click Submit at the bottom of the page as shown below:

•       If you are already associated with an organization, then click the link Click here to associate as shown below:

-  After completing this steps you will receive following message:

The process is completed and you have your MPN ID (Partner ID) created.

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