How to check claim status on CHIP for Reseller Partners


This article provides information on how you can check the status of your claim on CHIP.

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In order to check the status of your claim, simply follow the steps below:

1. Log in to CHIP.

2. Choose View as Partner on the right side of the page.

3. Enter your Partner ID.

4. From the program list or organization list, choose Reseller Incentives andclick Search.

5. Click on the Partner Name link.

6. Under the I Need Too… field, go to View Claim Summary.

7. Enter Claim Number and click Search.

Note: The Claim Number is only generated after you have uploaded all the requirements.

8. Verify the status of your claim.

a. Compliant: claims is approved

b. Non-compliant: claim is denied because of either missing requirements like POR, filing of a wrong activity, filing of claims more than the available funds, etc.

9. If the claim is Compliant, the payment status will be available.

10. If the claim is Non-compliant, click on Claim Number link and scroll down to check the Comment for reason and further actions.

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