Why does resetting my security information take 30 days?

Applies to: Microsoft Account

  • The 30-day waiting period helps Microsoft stop unauthorized people from trying to completely take over an account that isn't theirs. For example, an unauthorized person obtaining an account password through phishing or shared passwords across third party platforms. This waiting period gives the real account owner enough time to be alerted of any major changes and to cancel it if they didn't make those changes.
  • During this 30-day period, you'll still be able to access most Microsoft services. You won't, however, be able to do things that require a security code, like changing your password, viewing billing information, or buying new apps or games from Microsoft Store or on Xbox. 
  • After the process of resetting your security information has started, you must wait the full 30 days for it to complete. However, if you regain access to a piece of your original security info, you can cancel the replacement yourself.