Duplicate invoice numbers created by Cycle Biller

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Issue Summary:

Duplicate invoice numbers created by Cycle Biller

Issue Detail:

Quality Report Description: Cycle Biller will create duplicate invoice numbers if the next billing number in Project Billing Setup is the same as what is used in Receivables. Posting of this goes to Batch Recovery. Reported in Version/Build: Great Plains Project Accounting 7.5 build 92 Steps to Recreate: 1. Enter a sale transaction using Transactions | Sales | Receivables Entry using the document number Bill01 and post the transaction. 2. In Setup | Project | Billing set the Next Document Number to Bill01. 3. Run Cycle Biller to create invoices using Transactions | Projects | Billing | Cycle Biller. 4. Access the first transaction made by Cycle Biller in Billing Entry to verify that the document number is Bill01. 5. Print an Edit List to check the transaction. 6. Post the batch using Transactions | Project | Billing | Billing Batches. Expected Results: Since the Project invoice is a duplicate the Edit List should show this and the batch should not post. Actual Results: Edit List gives no indication of a problem, nor does the posting journal. But the batch goes to Batch Recovery upon posting. Workaround: Use completely different numbering sequences and\or prefixes for the next billing document number at Setup | Project | Billing and for Receivables in Setup | Sales | Receivables | Options.

Status of Resolution:

This problem report is scheduled for release in the next version of the product. Resolved in Project Accounting release 8.0.

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