Formats Not Exported to .Package Files

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When creating a package file to distribute a project, and then implementing it, the format changes do not seem to be included. What can be done to bring across the formats?


Currently, the Customization Maintenance window that allows you to export your customization to a .Package file format does not support the transfer of Format changes. This means that if you add a new format using the Modifier or Report Writer, that format will not be transferred into the .Package file. And, since it is not part of an exported .Package file, it cannot be imported to another set of forms and reports dictionaries.

There are three possible options to work around this problem.

1.Manually create or edit the format in the dictionaries you wish to transfer the modifications to. When you attempt to import a form or report that references that format, you will receive a message on the error report so that you know this needs to occur.

2. Record a macro that makes the appropriate format changes to a forms and reports dictionary and then provide the macro to the customer. After importing the .Package file, the customer could then run the macro from inside of the Modifier or Report Writer, provided the customer was registered for the Modifier.

3.This option would only beavailable to a Dexterity developer today. In this option, you would make a copy of the forms or reports dictionary and open that copy with Dexterity. Then, choose to export the format to a text file format. Once this has occurred, simply open the text file and copy the resulting text and paste it into the bottom of the .Package file. You would need to open the .Package file with Notepad to accomplish this.

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