Employee Level Security in Canadian Payroll for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010

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The purpose of this document is to provide you withinformation on the Employee Level Security feature in Canadian Payroll and how you can set this up.


Follow these steps to set up and use Employee Level Security in Canadian Payroll:

1. Start Canadian Payroll.

2. For Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and later versions, click on Tools under Microsoft Dynamics GP, point to Setup, point to Payroll - Canada, click Control (click OK if prompted) and then select the Control Button.

For Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 and earlier versions, click Routines, click Payroll - Canada, click Setup Palette, click Control, and then select the Control button.

3. Click on the No next to Enable Employee Level Security field so the field value shows Yes. After this selection, you will be prompted with a message that "Employee Level Security is Enabled. Please review user security setup for correct access to payroll". Click OK to clear this message.

4. Click
OK to exit the
Payroll Control Variables - Canada window, and click
Save to exit the
Payroll Control Setup - Canada window.

5. From the
Shortcuts menu, click
Add, and then click
Other Window.

6. Click
Add, click to expand the
Canadian Payroll folder, and then click to expand the
Project folder.

7. From the available windows, click to select the PayrollUser Security Group Master - Canada option, and then click

8. From the available windows, click to select the Payroll User Employee Security Setup- Canada option, and then click

9. Click Done to close the Add Window Shortcut window.

10. Under Shortcuts, click the Payroll User Security Group Master- Canada option.

11. Create a nameand description for the Security Group.

12. Select the appropriate Employer Number, Department, Employee Class, and Employee Payment Method from the lookups. Set up all the security group combinations needed. (You must also set up an ALL group to assign to powerusers. Just click in each field on the word Specific to have it automatically change it to ALL.) Click Save once the setup is complete. Exit from the
Payroll User Security Group Master - Canada window.

13. Click the
Payroll User Employee Security Setup - Canada option from the Shortcuts menu.

14.Select a
User ID from the lookup and select a
Security Group ID from the lookup that the User ID should be assigned to. Click
Save. Exit the
Payroll User Employee SecuritySetup - Canada window once you have assigned all usersto a security group.

NOTE: Also assign security to powerusers.

You can now have users log into Great Plains Canadian Payroll and test the security setup.

This security feature will limit security to the Payroll Employee Setup - Canada window only (click Cards, click Payroll - Canada, click Employee). The users can still access data, such as pay rate, by printing any of the Cards Reports (click Cards, click Payroll - Canada and then click Cards Reports). 

Under Smatlist, the filter will work for the Employee list under Canadian Payroll. However, if you click Employees under Payroll, the entire employee list will still be seen from the US payroll table.  

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