Adding the Company Name to Reports

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010Dynamics GP 2013

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How can I get my company name to print on a report? I have created a custom report and have multiple companies set up in Dynamics. I would like the company name I am currently logged into at the time of printing to display on the report. How can I do this?


1) Go to Report Writer ( Tools - Customize - Report Writer ).

2) Click on Reports and open the report you are working with.

3) Go into the Layout and refer to the Toolbox (located on the left side of the layout).

4) Choose System Variables from the drop down list.

5) Locate the field called Company Name and drag it onto the layout of the report.

Remember, the Report Header (RH) will only print on the first page of a report. Alternatively, you can place the Company Name in the Page Header (PH), which will print on the top of each page. The Page Header (PH) will only print on the first page if you mark the First Page Header option from the Report Destination window under Printing Options.

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