Aging/Reconcile when there are Multicurrency transactions

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If I apply foreign currency documents and the functional amount of the transaction goes to zero, but the originating amount does not (or vice versa), how is my customer's aging bucket affected?

The aging and reconcile processes will accommodate this. Aging and reconcile processes are "aware" that if the originating current amount field is zero, the functional current amount should also go to zero in the customer buckets; or if the functional amount is zero, the originating amount should not affect customer buckets. (The second example would only appear if Great Plains Software adds a feature in the future to display aging buckets in originating currencies). If you do have an instance where a document's current amount is zero in originating currency, but, for instance, it's .01 in functional currency, check the customers balance before aging or reconciling. The .01 will still be in the customer's balance. After aging or reconciling, however, this .01 will be gone.

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