Files in SharePoint not getting processed by ERM


Files in SharePoint are not processed by Prodiance Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) or are not under control.  


Access is denied to the processing folder when SharePoint tries to copy the files. The cause is that the Prodiance system account does not have the Allow log on locally right assigned on the SharePoint server required for impersonation by the SharePoint application pool identity.


The issue can be resolved by giving the Prodiance system account the Allow log on locally right:

1. On the SharePoint server, open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy

2. Open Local Policies > User Rights Assignment

3. Add the user to the Allow log on locally policy.

The SharePoint application pool identity is the account that copies the files from SharePoint to the processing folder. However, it impersonates the Prodiance system account. This impersonation requires the Allow log on locally right. Because it impersonates the system account, it uses the permissions of the system account. The Prodiance system account has read/write permission to the processing folder, so it can copy the file.  

On systems where the Allow log on locally right cannot be assigned to the Prodiance system account, a workaround is to give read/write permissions on the processing folder to the SharePoint application pool identity.


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