MDX Calculated Measure & Member is disabled


The options "MDX Calculated Measure..." and "MDX Calculated Member..." are disabled in PIVOTTABLE TOOLS | ANALYZE | Calculations | OLAP Tools when a pivottable is selected.


The pivottable is not based on OLAP or is based on the new PowerPivot model built into Excel. This can occur if one of the following is true:
  1. You have the following option selected in Excel Options | Advanced | Data | "Prefer the Excel Data Model when creating PiovtTables, QueryTables and Data Connections" (this option is deselected by default)
  2. In the 'Create PivotTable' dialog/wizard you check the box "Add this data to the Data Model"
  3. You manually create relationships between two or more tables in Excel
  4. You bring your data into the PowerPivot add-in window prior to creating your pivottable in Excel


  1. Avoid using the afore mentioned methods
  2. Enable the 'Microsoft Office PowerPivot for Excel 2013' add-in to create calculated fields, columns and calculations. (Excel Options | Add-Ins | Choose 'COM Add-ins' from the box at the bottom | Go...

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