Some video files do not stream properly from Remote Web Access


When attempting to stream a video file using the Remote Web Access feature from a Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials server, the video may not play. A blank media player window will appear and the video will appear to be buffering for a short while before the display stops and then progresses no further.


This issue occurs due to an incompatibility between some video formats and the Silverlight 5 runtime. Some examples of media formats that may encounter this issue are videos that use the .MKV container format, as well as .MP4 and other .H264 encoded content. 

NOTE:This is not an exhaustive list of formats that are affected by this issue. Other file types and formats may also encounter this issue.


Microsoft is currently investigating this issue to determine a root cause.

The only known workaround is to uninstall Silverlight 5 runtime from the client PC and re-install the Silverlight 4 runtime.

NOTE: If this option is chosen and Microsoft Update is enabled Windows Update will identify an available Important update for Silverlight any time a scan for available updates is run. It will be necessary to unselect the Important update for Silverlight to prevent Windows Update from upgrading the Silverlight 4 runtime to the latest release of the Silverlight 5 runtime.

More Information

To determine the version of Silverlight installed on your PC visit the following link: Silverlight installation page

The Silverlight 4 runtime is available for download here: Silverlight 4 Runtime

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