Terminal Server profile may be corrupted after password change


Consider the following configuration:

1. A User "Bob" is configured with a roaming profile using the properties of the user account in AD.

2. Bob is also configured with a Remote Desktop Services Profile using the properties if the user account in AD.

3. There is no policy applied to Terminal Servers to delete cached copies of roaming user profiles.

4. Bob's password has expired OR "User must change password at next logon" is set on his account.

5. Bob logs onto a Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server and is prompted to change his password. He successfully changes his password, does some work and then logs off.

6. The next time Bob logs onto a workstation (not a Terminal Server) his roaming profile appears to be corrupted and has settings from his Terminal Services profile.


During the logon to the Terminal Server in step 5, the ROAMING profile is loaded by the system for the pwd change. This is required during the password change for the DPAPI component to update the users PKI data which is stored in the profile.

During the loading of the roaming profile we check if there is a local copy of the profile already on the server. Since this exists (due to step 3.) we do not copy down the roaming profile but load the local copy (which happens to be the Remote Desktop Services profile since we are on the Terminal Server).
Once the password change is done the profile is then unloaded and copied back to the Roaming profile share. Note: because we loaded a local copy of the TS profile it is now copied back to the roaming share and reconciled with the copy of the Roaming profile on the share. Therefore the Roaming profile is corrupted.


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