Error when viewing report properties inside ERM frame


You receive the following error when you view report properties or subscriptions in the Microsoft Prodiance Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM) 5.5 web portal:

This content cannot be displayed in a frame.


The X-Frame-Options directive in the header of the web response is set to X-Frame-Options: SameOrigin, and Internet Explorer blocks the page in the ERM frame.  


The following steps will resolve the error:

1. Create a file that is named reports.html with the following code, replacing <reportserver> with the URL of the Prodiance report server:

<script>'http://<reportserver>', "_blank");

2. Copy the file to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Prodiance\Enterprise Risk Manager\ProdianceWebServer\Sitedirectory on the Prodiance web server.

3. Change the Reporting URL on the Servers tab in ERM administration to point to this file, replacing <webserver> with the Prodiance web server name:


4. When you click Reports in the ERM menu, it will open that reports.html page, which will then open a new browser window to the reports page on the reports server. Because it is in a new window, you will not receive the frame error.  


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