List unexpectedly resumes inheriting permissions from parent web


You create the following site structure in a new Web Application and a new site collection
  • Site
    • Subweb
      • List
  1. Disable permissions inheritance on the Subweb, granting unique permissions.
  2. Disable permissions inheritance on the List, granting unique permissions.
  3. Re-enable permissions inheritance on the Subweb, removing unique permissions.

The List will now also be configured to inherit permissions, as will any items within that list. Any previously assigned unique permissions have been removed and cannot be restored.

Additional subwebs will not be affected. Permissions inheritance on additional subwebs, lists, items, will not be impacted.


This behavior is by design.


Permissions design should be carefully considered before implementation in any SharePoint site architecture. Lists/Items with unique permissions should be contained in a web that is specifically aligned with the business need, purpose, or process that contributes to those unique permissions. This isolates changes in permissions inheritance in the parent web from propagating to the subweb and causing permissions inheritance to be reset.

If necessary, existing SharePoint groups from a parent web may be reused in subwebs that do not directly inherit permissions. This creates a single point of administration to grant access to all SharePoint sites that leverage that group, regardless of permission inheritance settings.

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