Performance and display issues in Office 2013 client applications


In Microsoft Office 2013 client applications, you may experience one of the following issues: 
  • When you try to start an Office 2013 application on your Windows-based computer, nothing happens. Or, the screen flashes briefly. 
  • When you start an Office 2013 application such as Lync 2013, you see a blank screen, and no controls are available.
    Screen shot for blank screen with no controls in Lync Online


Update the hardware drivers for your computer


If updating your drivers doesn’t resolve the issue, you can turn off hardware acceleration as a workaround until a fix is released by your graphics driver manufacturer. To do this, use one of the following methods, as appropriate for your situation.
Method 1: Disable hardware graphics acceleration
Method 2: Add the DisableHardwareAcceleration registry subkey


This issue may occur if a graphics driver compatibility issue affects hardware acceleration on your system.

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