Web analytics does not report any data after SP1 installation


Consider the following scenario:

On a SharePoint platform, you install Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and Search Server Express 2010.

Search Server Express 2010 will configure a Web Analytics Service Application.

After having installed the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation service pack 1 and the Search Server Express service pack 1, the Web Analytics Service Application will stop working and no data will be reported on the Web Analytics report page of any site collection (Site Actions/Site Settings/Site Web Analytics reports).

Are there any workarounds?

On an English platform (or on all platforms which use the US date format "Month/Day/Year"), the solution is to enable the "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing" job again from the "Review job definitions" page in Central Administration (this job will be disabled). By default this job runs daily between 1 am and 3 am.

On non-English platforms that do not use the US date format, you need to follow an additional step apart from re-enabling the "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing" job.

Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio console, edit the properties of the login used by the application pool of the Web Analytics Service Application (you can find this from IIS or SharePoint Server Central Administration | "Configure service accounts" page under Security) and change the default language to English.

Wait for the following day and navigate on the site collection and access Site Actions/Site Settings/Site Web Analytics reports


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