When a PC having the fingerprint sensor capability of Windows 7 is used, the image of a user account may be distorted on the logon screen.


When a fingerprint authentication system based on the Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) is used on Windows 7, the image of a user account displayed on the logon screen may be distorted.

If a user having administrative rights resets his or her or other user's password from "Local Users and Groups" from Administrative Tools, or "User Account" from the Control Panel, the password and fingerprint information associated with the user account becomes inconsistent.

In this scenario, if the user whose password has been reset clicks the [Other Credentials] or the [Switch User] button on the logon screen, the image of the user account will be improperly displayed.



This is because downscale processing of the user icon is inappropriately performed when a user having inconsistent authentication information clicks [Other Credentials] or [Switch User].


Improper display of the user icon image does not directly affect the functionality of the OS.
The icon still works even if the image thereof is improperly displayed. You can click the icon to go back to the logon screen. 


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

More information

You will not be able to use the registered fingerprints to log onto the computer while your authentication information is inconsistent after a password reset. In this case, re-associate the authentication information to your account by performing the following steps.
Alternatively, you can log on by password authentication, and then delete and reset the registered fingerprint.

1. On the logon screen, select the Fingerprint Authentication icon.

2. Let your registered fingerprint read on a fingerprint sensor.

3. The following message is displayed. Click OK.

Message: The password saved in the fingerprint store is not correct.

4. The following message is displayed. Log on by entering your reset password. Fingerprint logon can be used afterward.

Message: Enter your current password to enable fingerprint logon.
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