Information about FAST license requests


FAST Customer Care ( can be emailed if you have non-technical questions about non-Volume Licensed (non-VL) FAST legacy product licenses. FAST Customer Care can issue new licenses, renew or modify existing licenses, or answer questions about what line items are included in a license, such as data volume, QPS limits, add-ons included, number of licensed servers (for FSIS/FSIA licensing), etc. After emailing FAST Customer Care, you should normally expect to receive a reply to your inquiry within 1-2 business days.

NOTE - If you have technical questions about license installation or need support for troubleshooting component failures due to "license exhausted", "invalid license", "license checkout" or similar license related messages, please open a technical support case at (FAST Standard and FAST Premium support agreements) or (Microsoft Premier support agreement with a signed FAST exhibit).

More Information

Some FAST Non-VL legacy products have already reached end of life for both Maintenance and Extended support. It may not possible to renew, extend, or modify licenses for products that are no longer supported by Microsoft. For more information please review the follow links:

FAST Product lifecycle

FAQ for FAST Maintenance and Support Transition

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