Search scope rules fail to merge in SharePoint 2010


A search scope merge fails, and new items are not displayed in the index in Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

If this problem occurs, the following entry is logged in the ULS log:

mssearch.exe (0x0FFC) 0x205C Search Server Common Exceptions 0 Monitorable 
<msgtype>Merge Failed</msgtype><mergeType>0x1, Flush</mergeType>
<HR>The query was too complex to be executed. 0x80041606 </HR>


This problem occurs because the amount of rules per scope exceeds the supported boundary of 1,000.


To resolve this problem, reduce the number of rules in each scope to fewer than 1,000. To determine how many rules you have, follow these steps in SharePoint 2010 Central Administration:
  1. Under Application Management, click Manage web applications.
  2. On the Service Applications tab, click Search Service Application.
  3. Under Queries and Results in the navigation pane, locate and then click Scopes.
  4. In the details pane, open each scope to see how many rules it contains.
To reduce the number of rules, delete some rules, or move some rules to other scopes. The recommended threshold for acceptable performance is 100 scope rules per scope and 600 scope rules per search service application.

More Information

For information about boundaries and limits for Microsoft SharePoint 2013, go to the following Microsoft TechNet website:

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