Windows 8: Create additional user accounts


I would like to set up additional user accounts for members of my family in Windows 8. What do I have to do?


Create additional user accounts

Of course, you can create additional user accounts for family members in Windows 8. Here you can choose again, whether these users should sign in with a Microsoft account or a local user account. In both cases, a normal user account will be created. You can switch this account to an administrator account using the User Accounts feature in the Control Panel as needed.

Note: This article describes using Windows 8 with a mouse and a keyboard.

1. Start Windows 8, sign in, and from the start screen use the hotkey [Windows] + [I] to open Settings.

2. Click Change PC settings at the bottom.

3. In PC settings, click Users.

4. Click Add a user.

5. Now you have the option to add a Microsoft account or a local user account. If you want to add a Microsoft account, please enter the e-mail address of the new user or use Sign up for a new email address to create a new account.

6. Click Next and follow the instructions. The account will be created immediately. For more information, we recommend the following article Windows 8: Create a user account (Microsoft Account).

7. If you want to create a local account click Sign in without a Microsoft account.

8. A confirmation screen is displayed which details the advantages of a Microsoft account. If you still want to create a local account, click Local account.

9. Enter a name, a password, and a password hint for this new account.

10. Click Next.

11. In the following screen, you'll have the option to activate Family Safety. Be sure to enable this feature, if you set up this account for your child and want to protect your child from content which can be harmful to children. Select the applicable check box.

12. Click Finish.

13. The account will be created immediately.


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