AGPM: Memory Error during Control GPO


You are running AGPM 4.0 and you try to control a GPO. This can be done by opening GPMC.msc and navigating to the Change Control node, then go to the "uncontrolled tab" and select the GPO which you want to control. Right click the GPO and choose "Control...".

The action fails with the following error: 

Control GPO: <gponame>...Failed.
[Error] Count not take ownership of the production GPO. No more memory is available for security information updates.


The problem is caused by a large number of entries in the Security Filtering on the GPO in Active Directory.

The problem happens when there are 37 or more entries in the list.


To solve the problem reduce the number of groups in the security filtering of the GPO. One way to do this could be to nest the groups.

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