Extender for Windows Media Center compatibility with Windows 8


An extender for a Windows Media Center PC is a standalone device that connects to your network and TV display. By connecting an extender to a wired or wireless home network, you can operate your Windows Media Center PC and stream media from Windows Media Center to your extender and TV. Microsoft Xbox 360 is the only extender that is supported in Windows 8 Media Center PC. Third-party extenders that work with earlier versions of Windows won’t work with Windows 8.

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Windows 8 introduced a number of significant infrastructure changes on which extenders for Windows Media Center relied. These include changes to the RDP protocol. Because of these necessary changes, extender devices that were designed for Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 cannot connect to Windows 8 Media Center PCs. These devices should still work with earlier versions of Windows.


If you have Windows 8 upgraded with Windows 8 Pro Pack or Windows 8 Pro with Windows Media Center Pack, you can use an Xbox 360 console as an extender for Windows Media Center. 


For information about how to get Windows Media Center for Windows 8, visit the Windows 8 Solution Center.

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Applies to

This article applies to the following:
  • Windows 8 upgraded with Windows 8 Pro Pack
  • Windows 8 Pro with Windows Media Center Pack

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