Cast error in Spreadsheet IQ


You receive the following error when running Cell Summary Report or Cell Relationship Diagram in Microsoft Prodiance Spreadsheet IQ:

Specified cast is not valid.


This is caused when the cell in question has a vlookup (or theoretically other lookup functions) that include merged cells within the lookup range.


The short term resolution is to unmerge cells:

1. Right-click a cell in the range that includes merged cells and select Format Cells.

2. Select the Alignment tab.

3. Clear the Merge Cells check box.

4. Click OK.

The second solution is to upgrade to Spreadsheet IQ

1. Uninstall the current installation of Spreadsheet IQ by going to Programs & Features in Control Panel, selecting Spreadsheet IQ, and clicking Uninstall.

2. Download Spreadsheet IQ from the hotfix download link at:

3. Run the installer and follow the instructions during setup to complete the installation.


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