"Open in Excel" from excel services shows unauthorized data in client


User in Excel services viewing a workbook clicks "Open in Excel". When the workbook opens in Excel client they can see data they do not have access to.


This happens because the button "Open in Excel" opens the original version of the file which was last updated in the SharePoint document library. If the user who uploads the file has access to all the data it will be saved with all the data showing. 

In the Excel client the connection is not made until the "enable data connections" security warning is clicked. This allows the user to view all the data in the file. Once the connection is made by allowing data connections, they can only see the data they have access to. 


1. In Excel, trust all connections so there is no data connections security warning. (not recommended by Excel)

2. Publish a version of the workbook that does not show all of the data. This forces the user to make a page filter selection after the workbook is rendered and they can only choose the data they have access to.
a. The best way to do this is to create a blank member in the defining dimesion.
b. Publish the workbook to SharePoint with the blank member selected in the filter.

More Information

All pieces individually are working by design.

Another recommendation would be to upgrade to SharePoint 2013 which allows users to edit the Pivottable in the browser. This will eliminate the need to open the workbook in the client.


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