Restore-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication skips extended properties


When using Restore-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication to restore the FAST Query or Content SSAs from a 3rd-party backup, extended properties of the FAST search service applications are not used.


The topology information the Restore CmdLet takes as input does not contain extended properties, which the FAST SSAs use.


The extended properties of the FAST Content SSA & FAST Query SSA can be retrieved and stored separately prior to a backup of this sort by examining them in Central Administration, or via CmdLets:
$contentssa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication -Identity "FAST Connector"
$queryssa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication -Identity "FAST Query"
The properties objects will list the extended configuration of the two SSAs in the SharePoint Management Shell. After restore, the properties can again be set in Central Administration or in the Management Shell via CmdLets:
Set-SPEnterpriseSearchExtendedConnectorProperty -SearchApplication "FAST Connector" -Identity "ContentDistributors" -Value ""
Set-SPEnterpriseSearchExtendedConnectorProperty -SearchApplication "FAST Connector" -Identity "ContentCollectionName" -Value "sp"
Set-SPEnterpriseSearchExtendedQueryProperty -SearchApplication "FAST Query" -Identity "FASTSearchAdminServiceLocation" -Value ""
Set-SPEnterpriseSearchExtendedQueryProperty -SearchApplication "FAST Query" -Identity "FASTSearchResourceStoreLocation" -Value ""
Set-SPEnterpriseSearchExtendedQueryProperty -SearchApplication "FAST Query" -Identity "FASTSearchAdminServiceAuthenticationUser" -Value "DOMAIN\<Member of FASTSearchAdministrators>"
Set-SPEnterpriseSearchExtendedQueryProperty -SearchApplication "FAST Query" -Identity "FASTSearchQueryServiceLocation" -Value ""
The settings for the above properties can also be found in the %FASTSEARCH\Install_Info.txt file on the FAST Search administration server.

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