Trouble installing the Microsoft Band app on your phone?


If you have trouble installing the Microsoft Band app on your phone, try these solutions to fix the problem.

 Solution 1: Make sure your phone is compatible

Your phone needs to meet certain minimum system requirements to be compatible with Microsoft Band and the Microsoft Band app. For info about the minimum requirements, see Microsoft Band system requirements.

If your phone is compatible and you still can’t install the app, try Solution 2.

 Solution 2: Pair the Band on your new phone

Got a new phone? Make sure to unregister your Microsoft Band on your old phone before pairing Band to your new phone (iPhone and Android users)

  1. Open the Band app on your old phone.
  2. Go to the app menu > My Microsoft Band > Unregister my band.
  3. Go to the app menu, scroll to bottom of menu, and sign out of App.
  4. Go to Phone Settings > Bluetooth settings and remove the device from Bluetooth list. For iPhone users, there may be two pairings on your Bluetooth device list.
  5. Once the Band has been unregistered from old phone and you’ve signed out of the app, download Microsoft Band app to new phone and begin the pairing process.

If you don’t get a new phone, try Solution 3.

  Solution 3: Restart your phone and try again

Power your phone off and then on again, and then try again to install the Microsoft Band app.

Refer to the documentation that came with your phone or go the manufacturer’s website to get info about how to power your phone off completely.

If restarting your phone doesn’t fix the problem, try Solution 4.

 Solution 4: Make sure you’re downloading the right app for your phone

The download page for the Microsoft Band app has three links: one for Windows Phone, one for iPhone, and one for Android. Make sure you‘re trying to install the app that’s for your phone’s operating system.

Or, go to the app store for your phone, and search for the Microsoft Band app there.

If you’re sure the version of the app you’re trying to install is the right one, try Solution 5.

 Solution 5: Uninstall any earlier versions of the app

If you have an earlier version of the Microsoft Band app installed on your phone, uninstall it, and then try installing it again.

Refer to the documentation that came with your phone or go the manufacturer’s website for info on how to uninstall an app from your phone.

If uninstalling an earlier version of the app doesn’t help, try Solution 6.

 Solution 6: Use a Wi-Fi connection to download the app

If the app doesn’t download, it might be due to a weak cellular data connection. Try downloading the app using Wi-Fi instead.

If using a Wi-Fi connection to install the app doesn’t help, try Solution 7.

 Solution 7: Check for advice on your mobile operator’s website

You may be able to find useful tips and info to help with app installation problems on your mobile operator’s website.

If you’ve tried these solutions and the Microsoft Band app still won’t install on your phone, go to Contact Us.


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