Using the Microsoft Band keyboard


If you have Windows Phone 8.1 or a phone running Android 4.3 or later, the virtual keyboard is an easy way to reply to text messages directly from your Microsoft Band.

You can use the Microsoft Band keyboard to reply to any SMS text message. Reply as your texts arrive or from the Messaging Tile.

Reply with the keyboard

Take the keyboard tutorial

First, check out the keyboard tutorial to get the basics on how to use it.

Step 1: On your Band, press the power button.
Step 2: Swipe left and tap the Settings Tile
The Settings Tile
> Keyboard .
Step 3: Tap Let’s get started.
Step 4: Follow the instructions to enter the highlighted letters and send the message "Have fun."

Reply with the keyboard

Step 1: On your Band, press the power button.
Step 2:

Swipe left, tap the Messaging Tile

The Messaging Tile
, tap a message, swipe up, and tap Reply.

When a message arrives, swipe up and tap Reply.
Step 3: Tap Keyboard .
Step 4: Tap letters on the keyboard to enter your reply.
(Replies can contain a maximum of 160 characters.)
Step 5:

Do any of the following to review and edit your reply:

  • From the keyboard, swipe right and tap the keyboard option for letters Asset not found, numbers  Keyboard numbers icon , or symbols  Keyboard symbols icon. The keyboard recognizes and capitalizes proper names as you type.
  • From the keyboard, swipe left to review your reply.
  • Tap a word in your message to get Microsoft Word Flow suggestions.
  • Tap any suggested option to replace your selected word with the option:
    • Plus sign. Tap Asset not found to display the keyboard and insert text before your selected word.
    • Delete. Tap to delete the selected word.
    • Append text. Swipe right to the keyboard and enter text to append text to the end of your message.
    • Escape suggestions. Swipe left to escape suggested options.
Step 6: Press the action button to send your reply to the sender.

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