Learn where to adjust the settings on your Microsoft Band.

You can adjust many settings on your Microsoft Band or in the Microsoft Band app on your phone. Here’s a quick overview of where to find and change settings.

 Settings you can change on your Band

Me Tile Settings Tile 
The Settings Tile
Do Not Disturb icon
Do Not Disturb
Turn Do Not Disturb on or off.
Brightness icon
Set touchscreen brightness (low, medium, high, or auto-set).
Watch settings icon
Watch Mode
  • Turn Watch Mode on or off.
  • Turn Watch Mode Off > Rotate On > Always On (Microsoft Band 2 only). To learn more, see Microsoft Band 2 battery and charging.
  • Select how you wear the Band on your wrist (Microsoft Band 2 only).
  • Turn the 24-hour clock on or off.
  • Choose to use the time from your phone or set the time manually.
Bluetooth settings icon
Turn Bluetooth ® on or off or put it in pairing mode.
Airplane Mode setting icon
Airplane Mode
Turn Airplane Mode on or off.
Power icon
  • Turn power off.
  • Reset your Band.
Tools icon
Activity Reminder
  • Turn activity reminders on or off.
  • Choose how long you’re inactive before your Band reminds you with a haptic (vibration) alert.
  • Choose the times and days when you want to be reminded about inactivity (every day, weekdays, or weekends).
Info icon
Device info
  • View the following:
    • The name of the phone that’s paired with your Band.
    • The name of your Band.
    • Your Band’s serial ID number.
    • The firmware build version installed on your Band.
Activity reminder icon
  • Brightness: low, med, high, or auto-set.
  • Change the haptic (vibration) alert level (low, med, high) or turn haptic alerts off.
  • Choose the language on your Band.
  • Choose Reading Speed (how fast the words in notifications scroll across your Band’s screen when the Quick Read feature is active) or turn Quick Read off.
  • Keyboard tutorial for using SMS on your Band. ( Microsoft Band supports SMS only on Windows Phone. Microsoft Band 2 supports SMS on Windows Phone and Android.)
  • Turn Daily Heart Rate
    Daily Heart Rate icon
    on or off.
  • Enable Asian text in Band notifications (such as SMS, email, and Facebook messaging). Enabling Asian text will let you see Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, or Korean characters in the notifications on your Band.

      • Enabling Asian text in Band notifications doesn't change the language on your Band's user interface. (That functionality is currently unavailable.)
      • No
      • The Band does not support every emoji or Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, or Korean character, but it does support a huge set of commonly used ones. If a character is not supported by the Band, your Band will display that character as a box.

 Turn notifications and haptic alerts on or off

You can turn notifications on or off for things like incoming messages or calls.

  • To get notifications, you must turn Bluetooth on and Airplane Mode off on both your Band and your phone. Here’s where to change these settings on your Band:
    • Settings Tile
      The Settings Tile
      > Bluetooth
      Bluetooth settings icon
      > On or Off
    • Settings Tile
      The Settings Tile
      > Airplane Mode
      Airplane Mode setting icon
      > On or Off
  • You must enable tile notifications for the Band, too. You can change notification settings for specific tiles in the Microsoft Band app under Manage Tiles. For more info, see Manage tiles and notifications.

You can also turn haptic (vibration) alerts on or off and set the intensity level for the vibration. Here’s how:

  • Settings Tile
    The Settings Tile
    > Tools
    Activity reminder icon
    > Haptic Alert Levels > Low, Medium, High, or Off

For convenience, you can turn on Do Not Disturb to prevent haptic alerts even if you have them turned on:

  • Settings Tile
    The Settings Tile
    > Do Not Disturb
    Do Not Disturb icon
    > On or Off

 Choose a theme color and wallpaper

You can choose a theme color and wallpaper to use on your Band. Here’s how:

Step 1:

On your phone, tap the Microsoft Band app.

Step 2:

Tap Menu  > Personalize Band and choose the theme color and wallpaper that you want to appear on your Band.

 Personal settings and preferences

For accurate calculations of your calories burned and other data, keep your profile and preferences current:

  • On your phone, tap the Microsoft Band app, tap Menu , and tap:

Profile to change your: Preferences to choose units of measure for:
  • First name
  • Birth month
  • Birth year
  • Gender
  • Weight
  • Height
  • ZIP code
  • Weight
    (pounds or kilograms)
  • Temperature
    (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
  • Distance and height
    (imperial or metric)


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