Get real-time weather conditions and a five-day forecast to plan your week with Microsoft Band.

View current weather and forecasts

Your Microsoft Band provides you with weather info, updated every 15 minutes, based on the current location of your phone. The weather info on your Band updates each time your Band syncs with your phone.

To view the weather on your Band:

Step 1:

Press the power button, swipe left, and tap the Weather Tile

The Weather Tile

Step 2:

Swipe to view current weather and forecasts.
You can also see when the weather info was last synced to your Band.

Tomorrow’s weather on Microsoft Band
Last synced weather on Microsoft Band

Turn the Weather Tile on or off

If you don’t see the Weather Tile on your Band, you can turn it on. Here’s how to turn the tile on and off:

Step 1: On your phone, tap the Microsoft Band app.
Step 2:

Tap Menu  > Manage Tiles and set Weather to On or Off.
Turning off the Weather Tile removes it from your Band.

To learn more about managing the tiles on your Band and rearranging their order, see Manage tiles and notifications.

Can’t see local weather forecasts on your Band?

If the weather forecasts you see on your Band aren’t for your current location or if you don’t see weather forecasts on your Band, make sure location services on your phone and the Weather Tile on your Band are both turned on.

Check the info that came with your phone or go to the manufacturer’s website to learn how to turn on your phone’s location services.

If your phone’s locations services are already on and you still don’t see local forecasts, follow the steps in the section above to turn the Weather Tile off, tap Save, and turn the Weather Tile back on again.


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