Cumulative Update 28 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 (Build 47871)

This article applies to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 for all countries and all language locales.


This cumulative update includes all hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, including hotfixes and regulatory features that were released in previous cumulative updates.

Note You must convert the database if you are upgrading to this cumulative update from a cumulative update earlier than cumulative update 9 (build 41779). For more information, see Converting a Database in Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

This cumulative update replaces previously released cumulative updates. You should always install the latest cumulative update.

It may be necessary to update your license after implementing this hotfix to gain access to new objects included in this or a previous cumulative update (this only applies to customer licenses).

For a list of cumulative updates released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, see released cumulative updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 . Cumulative updates are intended for new and existing customers who are running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.


We recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner before you install hotfixes or updates. It is important to verify that your environment is compatible with the hotfixes or updates being installed. A hotfix or update may cause interoperability issues with customizations and third-party products that work with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

Problems that are resolved in this cumulative update

The following problems are resolved in this cumulative update:

Platform hotfixes

200726The calendar picker opens on an incorrect date.
200759The FIND ('=') function finds wrong record after using the TRANSFERFIELDS function.
200848The Find and Filter options are missing when the Sales Order page uses the SourceTableTemporary property.
200697Force use of Report Builder 2014 even if Report Builder 2016 is installed.
201624If you export an account schedule to Excel, the default page size is always set to Letter regardless of the country default value.
201910Refreshing the Excel add-in takes a full Windows license while the Print/Send functionality initially takes a background session.
202094Adding data into a record that is read-only seems to be possible.
200838Visual Studio 2015 is not supported for RDLC reports in Dynamics NAV 2015.
202035The Word layout report reduces the size of the images when you print it in Dynamics NAV 2015.

Application hotfixes

IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
202724The Payment Discount Tolerance option does not work for credit memos. FinanceCOD426
202810Item Availability by Period page does not use the Firm Planned status in filters for the Prod. Order Comp. Line List page.Financepag99000902
202814Bin code in picks is repeated if the Action Type field is set to Take.FinanceCOD 7312
200633The Reservation page shows a Qty. Allocated in Warehouse value which refers to a deleted sales order.InventoryCOD 7312
201098The Next Counting Start Date field and the Next Counting End Date field are not consistent when using a period greater than 12 for the count frequency.InventoryCOD 7380

Local application hotfixes

DE - Germany
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
201728"You cannot revalue individual item ledger entries for items that use the average costing method" error message when there are deleted items in the database in the German version.Cash ManagementTAB 83
ES - Spain
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
201726The value entry recognizes an item charge amount as a Cost Amount (Actual) value when an item charge is recorded on a purchase invoice that is assigned to a shipment line and has a discount in the Spanish version.AdministrationCOD 22
201752"There is no Detailed Cust. Ledg. Entry within the filter." error message if you try to unapply a refund that closed a payment in the Spanish version.FinanceCOD 12
NL - Netherlands
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
202817The Receive Response Messages report fails with a permission error for the Elec. Tax Decl. Response Msg. table in the Dutch version.FinanceREP 11408
UK - United Kingdom
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
201757The Carry Out Action Message function moves the due date to a later due date instead of to an earlier due date when the original due date is a non-working day in the British version.ManufacturingCOD 99000854


How to obtain the Microsoft Dynamics NAV update files

This update is available for manual download and installation from the Microsoft Download Center.

Which hotfix package to download

This cumulative update has multiple hotfix packages. Select and download one of the following packages depending on the country version of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 database:
CountryHotfix package
AT - AustriaDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 AT package
AU - AustraliaDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 AU package
BE - BelgiumDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 BE package
CH - SwitzerlandDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 CH package
CZ- CzechDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 CZ package
DE - Germany Download the CU 28 NAV 2015 DE package
DK - DenmarkDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 DK package
ES - SpainDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 ES package
FI - FinlandDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 FI package
FR - FranceDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 FR package
IS - IcelandDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 IS package
IT - ItalyDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 IT package
NA - North AmericaDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 NA package
NL - NetherlandsDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 NL package
NO - NorwayDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 NO package
NZ - New ZealandDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 NZ package
RU - RussiaDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 RU package
SE - SwedenDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 SE package
UK - United KingdomDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 UK package
All other countriesDownload the CU 28 NAV 2015 W1 package

How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 cumulative update

See How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Cumulative Update .


You must have Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 installed to apply this hotfix.

More Information

See more information about software update terminology and Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

Upgrade Toolkit for Upgrading Data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 or SP1 to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

The cumulative update includes an upgrade toolkit for upgrading a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 or Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 database to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. The upgrade toolkit includes several application objects in FOB files that simplify the upgrade process for those of you coming from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 or Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1. For more information, see the attached whitepaper.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

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