Age customer balances can consume excessive system resources


Age customer balances was designed to scale out and consume as many system resources as possible in order to complete in the least amount of time possible when run as a batch process. If this process is run on too large of a customer base or if run during peak business hours, this can consume enough system resources to affect the overall performance of the application.


The solution to this issue is to provide a parameter setting on Accounts receivable parameters to limit the amount of batch tasks that are scheduled as a part of the Age customer balances process.  By default, we will limit the amount of batch tasks to 2, so a default value for this parameter in the database of 0 will be treated as the system default of 2.  Individual experimentation of this value within the customer's system may be necessary to properly setup the balance of system resource consumption and execution speed that fits the business needs to the individual customer requirements.

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