Identical Retail transaction gets lost during posting of statements when store is in a different time zone than the HQ.


When MPOS is in a time zone which is different from AX, and  two identical transactions are made
with same customer in MPOS, it considers one as the duplicate of the other during retail statement creation and posting.


 During RetailStatements posting of sales transactions done in MPOS, we should not have check for duplicate sales order. This is because, for RetailTransactionType = Sales, salesorder is loaded in AX
only via Statements (Not RTS). There is no reason for timeout and duplicates as there is no RTS call, so everything in the RetailtransactionTable should be imported to AX. However, duplicate check should still be executed during RTS call for customer order creation, as in this case, there is a chance of timeout and retry, creating duplicates.

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