Contar tu historia con álbumes

Presume de tus aventuras más recientes en cualquier momento, y desde cualquier lugar, con álbumes en la aplicación Fotos. See your albums from OneDrive, or create new ones.

Un álbum en la aplicación Fotos

Crear un nuevo álbum

  1. Abre la aplicación Fotos. If you don't see it on Start

    Icono de inicio
    , swipe over to the All apps list to find it.

  2. Select Albums, and then select New album .

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to add or remove photos, change the cover photo, and select the title to enter a new title.

  4. As you complete each change, select Done . When you're ready, select Save .

Creación de un álbum

Share your story

Memories are always better when shared. Select the Share button at the top or bottom of the album. If it isn't already saved on OneDrive, you'll be asked to upload it first. The app will let you know when it's ready to go, and then you can choose an app to share with or copy a link into a message.


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