Performance issue with GeneralJournalAccountEntry MainAccount field upgrade script


Theperformance of the GeneralJournalAccountEntry MainAccount field upgrade scriptis affected by the maintentenance index during the update in large volumeenviornments (100 million records+), and the field is still updated inenvironments where the upgrade of that field may have already been completed inMicrosoft Dynamics AX 2012 source environments.


Thechanges in the hotfix disable the GeneralJournalAccountEntry table ColumnStoreIdxindex during the upgrade of the table to reduce the cost of updating the indexduring the update statement (the index is introduced in AX7, so the script willno-op with #2 check if it already exists).


Thehotfix adds a check for MainAccount=0 to no-op enviornments where this fieldhas already been upgraded, which will be most cases, as the field is introducedin Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as a performance hotfix.


The hotfix also reduces thetransaction scope by batching the updates by ledger.

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