How to prepare Windows and Office for the new Japanese era change

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On May 1, 2019, a new Japanese era and associated calendar began.  This change requires updates to Windows, Office, and .NET Framework.

How do I update Windows and Office to support the new Japanese era?

If you have automatic updates enabled for your Microsoft software, the updates to support the new era will install automatically and you will not need to take any action.

If automatic updates have not been enabled, or if you want to check for updates manually, please take the actions listed below.  Advanced users can find additional details at Summary of new Japanese era updates - KB4469068


.NET Framework:



How to change your calendar settings to the new Japanese era

Once you’ve installed the latest Windows updates, you can set your date and time settings to display the new Japanese era calendar:

1. Launch Control Panel.

2. Sort by Category.  Under Clock and Region, launch Region setting.

3. In Region setting dialog box:

  • Change Format to "Japanese (Japan)".
  • Click on Additional Settings… button to launch the Customize Format setting.

Japanese Era additional settings view 1

4. In Customize Format dialog box

  • Click the Date tab.
  • Change Calendar Type to "和暦".
  • Click OK to apply the setting.

Japanese Era customize settings

Frequently asked questions about the Japanese era change

Q:  When will the Japanese era updates be ready for consumers?

A:  The new era name was announced on April 1.  Microsoft engineering worked to add the new name, tested the updates, and has begun releasing updates.  In addition, we are working as quickly as possible to address any issues that are reported by customers and partners.


Q:  How will you deliver updates to consumers?

A:  Updates are delivered in the same way we provide updates today. In most cases updates are available using Microsoft Update on Windows and using the corresponding store for non-Windows platforms.  To learn more about Microsoft Update, please see this Web page: Windows Update: FAQ.


Q:  Do consumers need to do anything if using Microsoft online services?

A:  Online services that handle dates in the Japanese calendar today have been gradually updated to support the new era without requiring users to install updates.


Q:  Do consumers need to do anything if they are using Microsoft apps?

A:  Most devices and apps that handle dates in the Japanese calendar today are supporting the new era simply by getting updates as they become available.


Q:  How can I verify if the update was applied to my computer?

A:  To check if Windows has applied the latest Japanese era updates: