INFO: Object Hungarian Notation Naming Conventions for VB


This is a list of Visual Basic control and object prefixes provided as a reference for consistent use of Hungarian Notation. This list will assist in standardizing the structure, coding style and logic of an application.

Object Prefix Example
Form frm frmFileOpen
Check box chk ReadOnly
Combo box cbo cboEnglish
Data-bound combo box dbc dbcEnglish
Command button cmd cmdCancel
Data dat datBiblio
Directory list box dir dirSource
Drive list box drv drvTarget
File list box fil filSource
Frame fra fraLanguage
Grid grd grdPrices
Data-bound grid dbg dbgPrices
Horizontal scroll bar hsb hsbVolume
Image img imgIcon
Label lbl lblHelpMessage
Line lin linVertical
List box lst lstPolicyCodes
Data-bound list box dbl dblPolicyCode
Menu mnu mnuFileOpen
OLE container ole oleObject1
Option button opt optFrench
Picture box pic picDiskSpace
Shape shp shpCircle
Text box txt txtGetText
Timer tmr tmrAlarm

Object Prefix Example
Vertical scroll bar vsb vsbRate
Animation button ani aniMailBox
bed Pen Bedit bedFirstName
Checkbox chk chkReadOnly
Picture clip clp clpToolbar
Communications com comFax
Control ctl ctrCurrent
Data control dat datBiblioDirectory
Directory list box dir dirSource
Common dialog ctrl dlg dlgFileOpen
Drive list box drv drvTarget
File list box fil filSource
Form frm frmEntry
Frame (3d) fra fraStyle
Gauge gau gauStatus
Group push button gpb gpbChannel
Graph gra graRevenue
Grid grd grdPrices
Pen Hedit hed hedSignature
Horizontalscrollbar hsb hsbVolume
Image img imgIcon
Pen Ink ink inkMap
Keyboard key status key keyCaps
Label lbl lblHelpMessage
Line lin linVertical
MDI child form mdi mdiNote
MAPI message mpm mpmSentMessage
MAPI session mps mpsSession
MCI mci mciVideo
Menu mnu mnuFileOpen
Object obj objUserTable
Option Button (3d) opt optRed
Outline control out outOrgChart
3d Panel pnl (3d) pnlTitleList
Report control rpt rptQtr1Earnings
Shape controls shp shpCircle
Spin control spn spnPages
Timer tmr tmrAlarm
Vertical scroll bar vsb vsbRate

Database Objects Prefix Example
ODBC Database db dbAccounts
ODBC Dynaset object dyn dynSalesByRegion
Field collection fld fldCustomer
Field object fld fldAddress
Form frm frmNewUser
Index object idx idxAge
Index collection idx idxNewAge
Macro mcr mcrCollectUsers
QueryDef object qry qrySalesByRegion
Query qry qrySalesByRegion
Report rpt rptAnnualSales
Snapshot object snp snpForecast
Table object tbl tblCustomer
TableDef object tbd tbdCustomers

The following table lists standard third-party vendor name prefix characters to be used with control prefixes:

Vendor Abbreviation
MicroHelp (VBTools) m
Pioneer Software Q+E Database p
Crescent Software c
Sheridan Software s
Other (miscellaneous) o

Objects Prefix Example
Alarm(Microhelp) almm almmAlarm
Animate(Microhelp) anim animAnimate
Callback(Microhelp) calm callback
Combo Box(Pioneer) cbop cbopComboBox
Combo Box(Sheridan) cbos cbosComboBox
DB_Check(Pioneer) chkp chkpCheckBox
chart(Microhelp) tm tmChart
Clock(Microhelp) clkm clkmClock
Command Button(Microhelp) cmdm cmdmCommandButton
DB_Command(Pioneer) cmdp cmdpCommandButton
Command Button(Group)(Microhelp) cmgm cmgmBtton
Command Button (icon) (Microhelp) cmim cmimCommandButton
CardDeck(Microhelp) crdm crdmCard
Dice(Microhelp) dicm dicmDice
SSDir(Sheridan) dirs dirsDirList
SSDrive(Sheridan) drvs drvsDriveList
File List(Microhelp) film filmFileList
SSFile(Sheridan) fils filsFileList
Flip(Microhelp) flpm flpmButton
Form Scroll(Microhelp) fsrm fsrmFormScroll
Gauge(Microhelp) gagm gagmGauge
Graph(Other) gpho gphoGraph
Q_Grid(Pioneer) grdp grdpGrid
Horizontal Scroll Bar(Microhelp) hsbm hsbmScroll
DB_Hscroll(Pioneer) hsbp hsbpScroll
Histo(Microhelp) hstm hstmHistograph
Invisible(Microhelp) invm invmInvisible
Icon Tag(Microhelp) itgm itgmListBox
Key State(Microhelp kstm kstmKeyState
Label (3d) (Microhelp) lblm lblmLabel
Line(Microhelp) linm linmLine
DB_List(Pioneer) lstp lstpListBox
SSList(Sheridan) lsts lstsListBox
MDI Control(Microhelp) mdcm mdcmMDIChild
SSMenu(Sheridan) mnus mnusMenu
Marque(Microhelp) mrqm mrqmMarque
OddPic(Microhelp) odpm odpmPicture
Picture(Microhelp) picm picmPicture
DB_Picture(Pioneer) picp picpPicture
Property Vwr(Microhelp) pvrm vrmPropertyViewer
DB_RadioGroup(Group)(Pioneer) radp radqRadioGroup
Slider(Microhelp) sldm sldmSlider
Spinner(Microhelp) spnm spnmSpinner
Spreadsheet(Microhelp) sprm sprmSpreadsheet
Stretcher(Microhelp) strm strmStretcher
Screen Saver(Microhelp) svrm svrmSaver
Switcher(Microhelp) swtm swtmSwitcher
Tag(Microhelp) tagm tagmListBox
Timer(Microhelp) tmrm tmrmTimer
ToolBar(Microhelp) tolm tolmToolBar
Tree(Microhelp) trem tremTree
Input(Microhelp) (Text) txtm inpmText
DB_Text(Microhelp) txtp txtpText
Vertical Scroll Bar(Microhelp) vsbm vsbmScroll
DB_VScroll(Pioneer) vsbp vsbpScroll


The base list can also be found in the Programmers Guide under the Object Naming Conventions Section.

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