Files Saved in the Temporary Folder on a ZAK Client Workstation

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When you are using a Zero Administration Kit (ZAK) client workstation and you save a Microsoft Office document (such as a Microsoft Word document), the document may be saved in the temporary folder.


This behavior can occur if you open a Microsoft Office document that you have received as an attachment to an e-mail message, and then save the document. The document is saved to the temporary folder by default.


Microsoft is researching this problem and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.

More Information

In the Microsoft Office program that opens the attached document, the temporary folder becomes the folder in which documents are saved by default until you quit the program. If you want to reopen a document you have saved in the temporary folder, click Open on the File menu, and then type the complete path to the document in the File Name box. For example, to open the Test.doc file located in the C:\Temp folder, type the following path in the File Name box:


You may also be able to open the document using the Documents menu. The Documents menu lists the documents you have used recently. To view the Documents menu, click Start, and then point to Documents.

ZAK client workstations are not restricted from creating or modifying files in the temporary folder because many programs, including Microsoft Office, do not function properly if the temporary folder is restricted. However, you are not able to view the temporary folder in Windows NT Explorer or My Computer. On a ZAK client workstation, the default temporary folder is C:\Temp.

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