How to Use Property Reference Command-Line Parameters with Msiexec.exe


It is possible to perform all Microsoft Windows Installer functions at a command prompt by using Msiexec.exe. You can use many property command-line switches to perform different functions or set certain variables. Some examples include setting the Company Name variable and applying patches or transforms.

More Information

The following properties are defined by the Microsoft Windows Installer. You can specify additional properties by authored data or custom actions. Properties whose names are entirely uppercase can be specified on the command line. For example:
msiexec /i mypackage.msi COMPANYNAME="ACME Corp."
The following list provides more information about the component locations properties.

Property NameBrief Description of Property
ADDLOCALList of features to be installed locally.
ADVERTISEList of features to be advertised.
ADDDEFAULTList of features to be installed in their default configuration.
ADDSOURCEList of features to be run from source.
REMOVEList of features to be removed.
REINSTALLList of features to be reinstalled.
REINSTALLMODEA string containing letters that specify the type of reinstallation to perform.
COMPADDLOCALList of component IDs to be installed locally.
COMPADDSOURCEList of component IDs to run from source media.
FILEADDLOCALList of file keys to be run locally.
FILEADDSOURCEList of file keys to be run from the source media.

The following list provides more information about other configurable properties.

Property NameBrief Description of Property
ACTION Initial action called after the installer is initialized.
ALLUSERSDetermines where configuration information is stored.
ARPAUTHORIZEDCDFPREFIXUniform Resource Locator (URL) of the update channel for the program.
ARPINSTALLLOCATIONFully qualified path to the program's primary folder.
ARPNOREPAIRDisables the Repair button in the Programs Wizard.
ARPSIZEEstimated size of the program in kilobytes.
ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENTPrevents the program from being displayed in the Add/Remove Programs tool list.
ARPURLINFOABOUTURL for program's home page.
ARPURLUPDATEINFOURL for program update information.
ARPNOMODIFYDisables functionality that modifies the product.
ARPNOREMOVEDisables functionality that removes the product.
AVAILABLEFREEREGRegistry space (in kilobytes) required by the program. Used by AllocateRegistrySpace action.
CCP_DRIVEThe root path for any of the qualifying products for CCP.
DISABLEADVTSHORTCUTSSet to disable the generation certain shortcuts supporting install-on-demand.
DISABLEROLLBACK Disables rollback for the current configuration.
EXECUTEACTIONTop-level action initiated by the ExecuteAction action.
EXECUTEMODEMode of execution performed by the installer.
INSTALLLEVELInitial "level" at which features are installed.
LOGACTIONList of action names that are logged.
PRIVILEGEDRuns an installation with elevated privileges.
PROMPTROLLBACKCOSTAction if there is insufficient disk space for the installation.
PRIMARYFOLDERAllows the author to designate a "primary" folder for the installation. Used to determine the values for the PrimaryVolumePath, PrimaryVolumeSpaceAvailable, PrimaryVolumeSpaceRequired, and PrimaryVolumeSpaceRemaining properties.
REBOOTForce or suppress rebooting.
ROOTDRIVEDefault drive for the installation.
SEQUENCEA table having the sequence table schema.
SHORTFILENAMESCauses short file names to be used.
TRANSFORMSList of transforms to be applied to the database.
TRANSFORMSATSOURCE NOTE: In Windows Installer 1.1 (Native with Windows 2000) this property is the same as TRANSFORMSSECURE. Informs the installer that the transforms for the product reside at the source.
LIMITUIUser interface (UI) level capped as Basic.
DEFAULTUIFONTDefault font style used for controls.

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