PRB: Error Message "Missing or Not Registered VB6tmpl.tlb" When You Start Visual Basic 6.0


When you start Visual Basic 6.0 under a new user account or after a new install, and you try to run the Visual Basic 6.0 executable file (VB6.exe), you get the following error message:

Visual Basic was not able to start up due to invalid system configuration. Missing or not registered VB6tmpl.tlb.
You are unable to continue and Visual Basic shuts down.


The main Visual Basic type library is either missing or mis-registered for the current user. This message reflects the original working name of this file but in released versions of Visual Basic this file was renamed VB6.olb and is located in the same directory as the Visual Basic 6.0 executable (VB6.exe).

The registry should contain a path to this file under the following key:
If the key is missing or pointing to a location where the file cannot be found, Visual Basic returns the preceding error message during startup.


A missing or mis-registered type library key for VB6.olb would indicate an improper setup of Visual Basic. Microsoft recommends that you uninstall and reinstall Visual Basic.

To ensure proper reinstallation of Visual Basic, uninstall the current product. Then proceed to reinstall Visual Basic from the original installation disks. For additional information, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

248697 HOWTO: Manually Uninstall Visual Studio with MSDN Library

More Information

To reproduce this error, simply find and rename the VB6.olb file, try to start Visual Basic 6.0, and note that the error message appears. Renaming the file back to VB6.olb resolves the problem.

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